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Our Educational Services

Sweetwater BOCES offers a wide-selection of educational services like Tutorial Programs, EEL Services, Concurrent Enrollment, Resource Study Centers, Career/Technical Assistance, Literacy Programming and many more to help Sweetwater County residents achieve their education goals.

After School Tutorial Programs

After school tutorial programs are available in all buildings in both school districts. Each building designs their own programs, which are open to any interested students, as well as those who have not met curriculum outcomes or who are identified as at-risk. Each building submits a year end report; specific programs and numbers of participants vary widely between buildings, yet each building reports a high level of success and satisfaction with the various program offerings. A new after school offering this year was the After School Math Club for identified at-risk math students at Farson-Eden School, coordinated by Laurie Hanks. Significant improvement in grades and test scores were noted for the majority of these students at the end of the school year. Other activities include a Freshman Transition/Postsecondary Prep Program in District #2.

Other Services

ELL services
Options III/GED program at WWCC
Concurrent Enrollment
Resource Study Centers
Career/Technical Assistance
Literacy Programming
Speaking of the West
The Red Desert Rendezvous

Spelling Bee
Science in Residence
“After School Strings”, Community Orchestra and Children’s Honor Choir
“Artist in Residence” Programs
Community Connections
Community Service Education
Professional Development